10 records in sex that will make you think about it

If you’ve ever had sex for hours (?), Then you’ve turned to your partner and expecting admiration and recognition that everyone is unusual, this story will bring you back to the right perspective and you will discover commitment, reality, obsession or simply the enthusiasm of people about sex.

1. The longest masturbation ever made by a man named Masanobu Sato in 2009 when he participated in the Masturbation Championship according to the sexual convention in San Francisco. His “play with him” lasted nine hours and 58 minutes, and his previous record was nine hours and 33 minutes.

2. Most experienced orgasms in one hour – Women and men from the Center for Sexual and Sexual Studies in California, who measured the highest number of orgasms per hour, were surveyed and tested. The recorder put it – a woman, with as many as 134 organisms achieved in 60 minutes (with a new orgasm around every 44 seconds). For men, the result was very good – with 16 orgasms per hour.

3. The oldest twins – prostitutes are the gentlemen Martina and Louise Foxens who started a career in prostitution at the age of 20 years and retired when they were 70 years old.

5. The largest female breasts, of course, are natural without silicons, with a circumference of 2.5 meters and weighing about 50 kg.

6. The largest vagina in the world is the one that, after measuring, has a size of 48 centimeters. Although there is no scientific but medical record, Anastas Lekbek of Scotland, who lived in the 19th century, was tested. Because the vaginal area is not easy to measure and is composed of adaptive muscles, it is roughly determined by the size of the baby’s head at birth. Anna, who was reportedly about 220 centimeters tall, with her husband at a similar height emerged and performed in the circuses. There was a baby who weighed 12 kilos at birth, and had a head of 48 cm.

7. The biggest orgy of all time was organized by the Japanese who successfully set a new record – with 250 men and 250 women who agreed to have sex at the same time and in the same place with others. In each of these orgasms, each sexual act was the result of choreography, and all 250 pairs were previously tested for sexually transmitted diseases. The whole event is recorded and there is a DVD.

8. The biggest Gangbang action was accomplished by Lisa Sprax, who by the same time was a famous, well-known American porn actress who decided to draw attention from the public, pulled a very bizarre record – sex with as many men as possible on the same day. The record was set up in 2004 at the Polish Convention on Sexual Relations as part of the Third World Gangbang Contest

9. The oldest girl in the world. Although it’s not a common topic of conversation and is considered an interactive theme for which virgins do not speak much, Clara Meadmore is nevertheless found to be. She did not know sex, and thus lived her whole life – until her death at the age of 108.

10. The oldest debut among the prostitutes. Prostitution is known as the oldest profession in the world, but usually women and girls begin with it in their youth. The exception is the record between them with the years of her entry among prostitutes is today 82-year-old prostitute in Taiwan, which is known on the street and among police officers under the nickname “Baba”. She entered the business at the age of 42. after her husband died and said she was charging for her services much less than others.

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