For 7 days I was drinking pickles juice: The result was remarkable, it happened day after day

For 7 days I was drinking pickles juice: The result was remarkable, it happened day after day

I regularly run on marathons, but the only thing I never knew was why marathons give them to drink juice from pickles?
Probably because it certainly has some impact on workout and exercise, but what exactly is it about?
Because she did not believe the words about all the positive properties of cucumber juice, a girl decided to find out exactly what was happening.
Judging by experts, juice from pickles is rich in antioxidants that fight cancer, it contains vitamins A and E, it is good in regenerating the digestive system and regulating the blood sugar level.
So I decided to drink a glass of pickles juice every day for a whole day.

Here’s what’s happening:

Day 1
I love eating cucumbers, but I was still scared with the idea of ​​drinking cucumber juice.
It took me some time to gather courage and drink the first cup.
I was pleasantly surprised by the taste – it was strong, but mainly dominated by salt. Although there was a lot of vinegar in it, it was not too acidic.

Day 2
The second day I had menstrual cramps, so I hoped that the juice would help me.
Thus, by the end of the day, cramps disappeared.

Day 3
It became normal for me to drink cucumber juice. After work I went to training – and I was prepared for cramps. I was sure that the morning would hurt me.

Day 4
I was sure that the muscles would hurt me, but they did not hurt me.
I was pleasantly surprised, thanks to the juice of pickles.

Day 5
I still do not feel any consequences of hard training.
The juice has already become quite normal and an integral part of my day.

Day 6
Although my boy hates cucumbers, there was no problem kissing me. Another front of the pickle juice. Another advantage of cucumber juice – does not cause horrible breathing although it has a specific smell.

Day 7
I was happy that my little experiment came to an end – not because I did not enjoy it, but because I would eat cucumbers like all normal people again.
The experiment was successful.


I can not say if the cucumber juice has regulated my blood sugar level or helped me weaken, I am sure that it resolves my cramps and bad days.
His biggest advantage is exercising, and definitely and in the future I will drink it.
I recommend it to all my friends.


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