Analysis : Human in the next century ? Would you like to have such a person to be your friend ?

Analysis : Human in the next century ? Would you like to have such a person to be your friend ?

Follow the tumultuous times for mankind. The critical figures of 10 billion people will soon be overcome and nature will no longer have the capacity to provide food, water and life for such a population. The climate becomes stormy, and the air is polluted. Yes, technology does wonders, but technology can not create life, but rather life will become dependent on it, not nature, and these are quite other rules of living and survival. So do not be sad that you will not experience the next century.

Man, already towards the end of this and the next century will be:

1. Resistant to viruses and bacteria

Medicine and doctors can now help people survive dangerous diseases, but when there are epidemics like Ebola, and others that attack entire nations, little can be done for the individual. In such situations, natural genetics can most help – in other words, the ultimate outcome is in full meaning according to Darwin’s theory of the survival of stronger individuals. The disease kills almost anyone who does not have a sufficiently strong immune system, and one who has strong immunity will survive, and will convey genetic resistance to future generations. According to “US News” and “World Report”, people whose ancestors lived in European cities in the Middle Ages, where massive mass infections were living, they are increasingly developing natural immune infectious diseases.

Natural immunity protects not only individuals but also your entire family. “Science Daily” writes that if a disease prevails in some families, and if only one person is resistant to the disease, the likelihood of spreading the disease to future generations will be reduced. With time, the resistant will be confused with the non-resistant, and the immunity of dangerous infections and bacteria will increase progressively.

2. There will be no pizza or beer

Human beings are clever, successful, intelligent, and have extraordinary survival skills, but probably even Chuck Norris will not survive if a meteor hits the land where it is. Unfortunately, to every living thing in the world – death happens. Unfortunately. However, according to a daily newspaper, “Humanity +”, it’s not so far, of course, before the end of this century, the technology of artificial intelligence is being put into use, which is now developing – there will be a possibility for a very detailed scan of the brain – atom, and then that data content is entered into the computer. In this way, the “soul” of man, his thinking, memory and emotional-intellectual content will be preserved for an indefinite period of time – you can live forever and see and receive the knowledge your children and grandchildren make online.

So you will live, and you will have awareness of it, without eating pizza, drinking beer, or having special expenses for hire, energy or paying taxes – except for the system where your “soul” is set. Transhumanists predict a future in which you can overcome your “soul”, the data and content of your mind, in a robotic body, or just stay on the computer and have a “cool” experience with virtual reality. Although it sounds fantastic, for many this is actually similar to something more humane than death.

3. No more breeds, no black and white

The different breeds of skin color have been developed when the population lived in isolation, adapting to specific environmental conditions. Therefore, for example, Europeans are so different from Africans. If you need to trust the text published in the Mother Nature Network, today there is almost no isolated population. People whose ancestors come from Asia or Africa, women and children mix with children who are members of other races, white people are no longer the majority, the white of the future is smoldering and, as comedian Russell Peters says, we are all finite in the future we will become the same – beige. Yes, that’s how it will be. It can act calming the early tensions and divisions in the world, one problem for the wars – less.

4. No more depilation

Those who want to turn their fingers through someone’s hair will enjoy this pleasure in the future, but the question is when. Throughout history, the fibers have been in vogue, but now they are being fattened, the hair does not need a man like in the distant past and the body is already in the process of their rejection. Hair was needed to protect the head, but for centuries people have had an alternative to this, and the hair’s hair density falls as the body’s hair comes out. This loss of hair from the body is a proof of our success as a species. According to Peter Wheeler of John Murs University in Liverpool, the future probably causes hair loss, and before it disappears the hair of the body. According to his theory – with today’s technology and way of life, hair is completely necessary, and it will disappear in the future.

5. We will become weaker than we are now

Physical strength helps us survive. In ancient times, the stronger men were better hunters and fighters, built safer shelters and stronger communities, which made them more desirable than women who lived under male protection. In the future, physical power, muscle and athletic abilities will not be an advantage, but a cost for a body that requires more maintenance.

Anthropologist Peter McAlister said that muscle men were “the worst group of homo sapiens who once lived on the planet.” They are the biggest consumers of food, energy and are the most common cause of violence, the acquisition of foreign property, women and the opening of a spiral of violence on a wide scale, which is a rather ugly thought, but probably not far from the truth. According to Mother Nature Network, machines have replaced human power, and this will continue in the future. In fact, our muscles are no longer the most important feature, and in the future, we will primarily need food to stimulate the ever-growing brain. This means that in the future we will be physically weaker, and more prone to genetic diseases that will be overcome and resolved very successfully with new technologies.

6. Beautiful and wild beasts

Class differences between the rich and the poor have always been a cause of conflict, but there are scientists who think that class divisions ultimately result in the creation of two completely different types of people. According to “Live Science”, PhD. Oliver Curry says the upper class will develop into intelligent beings that will be thin, velvety, tall and beautiful, while the lower class looks like, say, genetically modified Shrek. However, this hypothesis has many drawbacks. Such a “cute specification”, which is a name for the process of creating new species in the same living space, is a rarity. While there are at least a few people in the upper class who, as partners, choose lower-class people, there are no ways to create two completely different types of people.

7. A generous society

“Welcome to the world-building society”. In his work entitled Postgenderism: Beyond the Gender Binary, George Dvorsky and James Hughes explain that the constructive movement is the future, and it advocates the use of biotechnology to voluntarily eliminate the sex of the human race. They will live like Androgens. Or, translated into today’s language, this ultra-nonhuman theory predicts that in the future there will be no sexual organs for reproduction in men and women, nor can a woman be able to bear a child until her birth. Simply, all will be the same and without sex organs, and reproduction will be done with the help of technology that will create such people as the next generation, with the possibility of designing their body on order.
That equality among people according to today’s gender differences will mean a reduction in conflict, prejudice and tension, and will increase the efficacy of those humanoids. But what about love, sex, motherhood, friendship, happiness that children and family bring?

8. The human race is no longer evolving

Scientists believe that human evolution is frighteningly slow. There is no struggle between the stronger and the weak, when the winner brings new values. Medicine and technologies have allowed the physical slaves to have equal chances for life, as well as the strong and more resistant. There is no longer geographical isolation, and evolution depends on useful mutations that occur randomly, and allow survival, and then transfer to the next generation until there are no mutations and features of certain weaker species.

This disappearance of evolution can create a world of weakness that has power over medicine and technologies, eliminating those who do not have those advantages, and which in essence is the gene for improving the human species in every sense. A world immensely resisting the challenges of nature. Yes, the tachographs can replace many functions of the human being, even often to do it better than humans, but ultimately – these technologies are managed and maintained by the very person who, if weak and unreliable or disappears along with its technologies, or become dependent on them until they become their slave. And then, history begins – again. The robot is rebelling, followed by wars and destruction, only the strongest survive and from the stone age, and until today there will be a process of survival until again, in a distant future, man does not solve – as today – he is tired and wished the technologies to give birth to him instead, to serve him to do nothing to himself, to become an inhuman Android

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