At first glance it can not be seen, but,… EAR TATTOOS, New trend ( photo gallery )

A few years in fashion was piercing, and this year the trend is minimalist tattoos cartilage of the ear, as a subtle way to allow people to express their personality

It is a delicate tattoo on the cartilage of the ear – so-called helix tattoos.

This is the new aesthetic trend that can be seen at a glance. Girls often tattooed plants, animals, musical notes or your own zodiac sign.

Tattoos can be observed even after the removal of hair, so it is so mysterious and attractive.

This is a great option for those ladies who do not want their tattoo to be visible to everyone. Spiral Tattoo with botanical buildup is one of the biggest hits of this summer.

In addition see few ideas. you may be motivated to do this step also.

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