Attacker from Manchester wanted to avenge the death of his comrade

A close family friend Salman Abed, who is suspected of the attack in Manchester, says that last year he said he wanted revenge for the murder of his comrade by Englishmen.

He also said his partner of Abedi died after a group of British boys stabbed with a knife in May 2016 in Manchester. They are still on trial.

– We managed to calm the young people in the area who believe that they are the target of the attack, as Muslim. But it seems Salman has not forgotten the incident, said the unnamed source.

He claims that he personally spoke with Abedi and tried to convince him that the attack plan is a crime.

Unnamed sources claim that the investigation Abedi, who is originally from Libya, probably alone produced a bomb.

– The emphasis is still placed on the search for accomplices and network, but it is possible he himself had prepared the bomb, said the unnamed source.

The attack in Manchester, which took responsibility group Islamic state, killed 22 people and injured 116.

It is still unclear whether the suicide bomber, Salman Abed who is responsible for the death of 22 and injuring 116 people in Manchester whether the bomb was made alone or had help.
The focus of the investigation is still on whether the attacker had accomplices, but it is left up to the bomb, he said an unnamed source from the investigation told Reuters.
British police said they carried out several arrests and discovered important details of the attack.
, Manchester police detained eight people hold and freed a woman

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