Avocado – the enemy of cholesterol, an ally of your health !?


Avocado – the enemy of cholesterol, an ally of your health !?


Nutritionists classify as a food that is a real nutritional bomb. Did you know that contains more than 20 vitamins and minerals and compounds that block the absorption of cholesterol in the body? In addition, it contains antioxidants, which play a role in the prevention of malignant diseases and heart disease.


Avocado contains over 20 minerals, including vitamin E, vitamin C, folic acid, fibers, iron, potassium, luttein and beta-carotene. In addition, it stimulates the body and makes it easier to absorb vitamins A, D, E and K. Avocado has a low calorific value and can help the idea to your desired weight. Make prayer avocado and start eating it instead of butter, mayonnaise and other fat dressings and spreads. In addition, avocados contain very little sugar, but high in fiber will keep you fuller longer period. One study showed that people who added half an avocado for lunch were not interested in food in the next 4 hours.

The study showed that avocado lowers cholesterol?

US study covered 50 people with obesity who were divided into two groups, one group ate every day for one avocado a day. In people who have added avocado daily diet was decreased values of bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

How do you know that it is about?

Avocados ripen after you rob. The color might not always be the key in selecting ripe avocados because there are many types, and does not mean that avocado with light green color is immature. To speed up ripening best to put avocados at room temperature until apple, kiwi and bananas, helping to accelerate the process of ripening.


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