Bring your partner to madness

Bring your partner to madness

It is true that the men adore a sexy underwear, high heels, and dresses that emphasize curls for girls, but there are also many simpler things that can lead them to madness.

Men tend to love girls much more when they are in their natural edition than when they are completely assembled. Most men who could choose would opt for a girl who is without makeup and in a home edition then that same girl made up. Of course, men do not oppose sexy underwear, high heels, little make-up, and everything else, they want to see a tip-top-dressed girl, but there are a lot of simpler things that can attract them like a magnet, and you will not believe what they are works.

Four situations are in question:

For males, there is nothing more attractive than when they feel the smell of freshly washed hair. They also adore the moment when the girl unconsciously passes her fingers through her hair, ties her, plays with her … Girls are often not aware of it, but these moments can automatically “burn” them and wish you a love for hours.


The stomach
Although the girls say that the men want a flat stomach, the situation is quite different. Men want girls who have a small stomach, and the moment when it will be seen from under the shirt while the girl stretches, she leans or does something else? For them it is invaluable.

Sincere smile

Men love the female smile, especially the sincere, wide, which tightens your stomach and from which you see all the teeth. Even if he knows that he is credited with her, there will be no end to his happiness. Be sure that at some moments you are so sweet that he wants to eat you.

Dressing up the bra
This act of the male acts as a magic. They are hypnotized every time you move to take off the bra from the under-shirt and then pull it out of the sleeve. So do not be surprised if after that you “jump” and start loving you.

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