Can disease be transmitted through saliva?

In the mouth hundreds of live microorganisms, but whether they are transmitted by saliva? The risk of transmitting infectious organisms is very low because the saliva contains enzymes and antibodies that protect the body from infection.

What can be transmitted through saliva?
–  rhinovirus
–  flu
–  mononucleosis
–  Herpes type 1
– streptococci
– Hepatitis B and C
– cytomegalovirus
– New types of virus – Ebola and bird flu
– HIV can be transmitted through saliva, but wound in the mouth can be the door to infection.Method of transmission of infection by saliva

Method of transmission of infection by saliva


The easiest way to transfer infection through saliva is kissing. That’s why infection with the virus of mononucleosis also called the disease of the kiss. Through kissing can transmit viruses of cold and flu, although they are often transmitted through contact with objects contaminated with the virus. Herpes type 1 also can be transmitted by kissing. Saliva usually protects the transmission of bacteria, but can not protect you from bacteria MRSA, which is a serious staph infection.

Sharing a toothbrush

Sharing a toothbrush with your partner is a habit that is strictly prohibited by dental associations in the world. If you left the road and you have forgotten your immediately buy another. This habit is unacceptable especially in people with weak immunity. To reduce the risk of transmission of infection in the family, it is recommended when you have a cold to storing your toothbrush brushes from other family members.

Borrowing mouthguards


Mouthguards are removable soft appliances designed to protect the teeth and surrounding tissues during contact sports such as rugby, boxing and martial arts. We would need to take an impression and send it away to our specialist laboratory to be made, this ensures an accurate individual fit for each patient.

Why should not borrow visor is because it may cause microtrauma in the oral cavity through which you can tap infection.

It is important to follow certain tips when wearing guard teeth:

– Wash your teeth before use

– Clean the guard whenever you wash and teeth

– Keep it in a protective box

– Avoid pressing teeth.


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