Check out what personal data Facebook and Google have for you

Check out what Facebook and Google have for you

While the ways in which personal data are used by Internet users are far from very useful to the casual and advanced user, in defense of large social networks and browsers it should be said that they most often offer an overview of the data they have for you. From time to time you can check.

So, from 2009, Google knows where you’ve been (if at that time you turned on a cell phone and activated location tracking). If you’d like to check which locations have for you, click on the link:

Everything you’ve ever searched while signed in to Google is listed on servers, even if you’ve deleted your history on your phone or browser.

This is a very rich item, which meticulously records every word you have searched for, an application you have opened, ads you’ve seen, and where you’ve been.
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You can check the data for yourself on the link:

From Google’s data for you, Google forms your advertising profile, which includes information such as location, sex, years, hobbies, career, interests, relationship, weight, and earnings.

You can check your profile here:

Google maintains a registry for every application you’ve ever used (or extension), and how often you used it, where and for what licenses your phone has.

You have the list of apps at:

Nowhere is it surprising that Google has all of its YouTube history, so it can probably draw conclusions for you. You can check it here:

In all its corporate correctness, Google offers the opportunity to download all the data they have for you. This includes your bookmarks, email, contacts, Google Drive files, videos on YouTube, photos from your mobile phone, calendar, Hengtu conversations and everything that’s up to you. The buyer can be more gigabytes.

Your personal package is here for you:

A similar option is offered by Facebook, which allows you to download all information about you. And these are more personal than Google has, and include all the messages you’ve received or sent, and all the contacts on the phone that you have shared with Facebook.


Facebook keeps a serious volume for you, registering even things like stickers (everyone you posted), and in the Guardian example, Facebook has a record of the time it was not connected, and how long after the installation of Tinder had a partner.

The detail of Google data, especially your search and surfing, can be seriously jammed. (Go explain why you have 500 searches on Piratebay.) Plus Google still has the most of the data you ever deleted from Google Drive and they will come in a package for you that you can download from Google.

The same applies to any email you have ever sent or received, whether you have deleted or marked it as spam.
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