Doctor recommends: Chocolate cake for breakfast!

It is crucial not only to exaggerate and achieve many positive effects on your health.

Have you ever thought it would be good if in the morning for breakfast you take a bigger piece of chocolate cake? Do not feel guilty – we have great news for you!

It is known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and some call it a godsend for people, but for most people the main association for the first meal of the day is an omelet with cheese and ham.

But what if breakfast eat something sweet? And  we do not think of fruit and biscuits!

Experts in modern nutrition and cooking, say chocolate cake will be breakfast on the future.

Several studies have shown that you have not done anything wrong if you ate breakfast cake because it has health benefits and can even lose excess weight!

Scientists from Tel Aviv University found that eating cake for breakfast, apart from protein and carbohydrates can prevent craving for sweets during the day. They found that morning is the ideal time for a piece of cake since then metabolism is your fastest and remains day to burn the calories that you have entered.

The course of study that lasted 32 weeks, 193 overweight people were divided into two groups.

One group ate breakfast meal with 300 calories and few carbohydrates while the other group had a breakfast meal of 600 calories, including a chocolate cake. All day eating meals with the same number of calories.

Halfway through the study, both groups had lost an average of 15 kilograms per person, but at the end of the study Then the real shock – the group that ate low calorie meal, returned an average of 10 kg, while the group eating cake with breakfast lost 15 kilos!

The team of experts found that people who ate a breakfast with low level of calorie were worse mood after the first meal, and later had a strong urge for sweets, and therefore secretly ate.

Also, experts say chocolate for breakfast strengthens your brain and helps it work better throughout the day. Another study found that chocolate corrects memory, concentration, abstract thinking and cognitive functions.

However, you must not exaggerate. If you eat breakfast more than a piece of cake and you do it every day, you will eventually have more damage than good.

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