Eating at night, why not-positive aspects

Well known is the golden rule of dieting, and it is not to eat at night. Or conversely, if you want to increase the weight you need to eat late at night. Numerous studies say that eating certain foods at night can actually speed up metabolism and help in achieving the idea of ideal body weight.

The truth is that nothing magical happens after 8 or 9pm. The only reason you should avoid heavy meals at night is the fact that at night are less active and consume fewer calories. Also, at the end of the day we are more relaxed and increases our appetite. Another reason why the evening blame for excess weight is the habit of eating in front of the TV while watching their favorite evening show. Eating at night is not wrong if you follow healthy habits. Normally it is not recommended to eat fast food before bedtime. Read the conclusions of numerous studies that will help to speed up metabolism.

Dinner that contains very little sugar regulate blood sugar the next day

The results of a recent US study proved that what they eat for dinner can affect how your body will react to breakfast the next morning. The results showed that people who ate dinner with less sugar better regulate blood sugar at breakfast the next morning.

All carbohydrates are converted into fat if you eat at night

Do not skip the carbs after a hard training just because it’s night. Eating sweet potato or banana is ideal meal would compensate energy reserves in the muscles. Exercise has a stake in how the body will process and accept food. Do not be afraid that carbohydrates are converted to fat because it is late evening. These foods need muscles to restore energy consumed and be ready for the next workout.

Eating carbohydrates at night helps to control hunger next day

The introduction to dinner in carbohydrates leads to hormonal changes that reduce hunger next day. These are the results of research conducted on two groups of 63-year-old men and women. The first group were given dinner rich in carbohydrates and the other group was bringing carbohydrates only through the day. The results showed that the first group ate carbs at night, you can control your appetite throughout the day. Ability to control hunger is a key strategy for weight loss.

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