Feel that your skin is aging? Six tips for your problem

Feel that your skin is aging? Six tips for your problem

The natural aging process of the skin can not eliminate, but certainly, we can influence his pace. Before you start thinking about expensive treatments and cosmetics, consider what you can do for your skin.

Avoid direct sun exposure. Although all were female enjoy the tan skin, the sun is one of the main culprits for the appearance of wrinkles. Dermatologists recommend that puts cream SPF even with minimal exposure to sunlight when there is a high index of UV radiation. It is thought that 90% of skin aging is caused precisely by the harmful effects of the sun.

Select the right cream. When choosing a cream, select the one that contains many perfume ingredients that irritate the skin. Select neutral moisturizing cream with high capacity. That way your skin will get what is necessary. Inadequate creams irritate dry and damaged skin.

Beware of sugar. Sugar and refined carbohydrates increase the level of insulin, which is a real bomb inflammatory in the body. It is thought that insulin is the cause of the occurrence of inflammatory changes in the skin and body. The optimum level of sugar is needed for young and healthy skin, but any deviation from normal lead to skin damage. Give the skin that it needs – fruit, vegetables and plenty of water.

Clean Air. Numerous studies have proven that air pollution, car exhaust, and fog which reserved all harmful particles negatively affect the entire health including the appearance and health of the skin. Use your free time and go to the mountains in search of fresh and clean air.

Sleep. Insufficient and poor quality sleep Jan. aging skin. This effect is increased over the years. Chronic lack of sleep increases levels of stress hormones which in turn affects the increase in insulin levels. All you need is a good 6-8 hours sleep and your skin will thank you.

Cancel cigarettes. As a result of smoking comes to constriction of blood vessels that nourish the skin, and thus the skin gets fewer nutrients and faster aging. Additionally, as a result of smoking (inhaling) occur wrinkles around the mouth.


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