Feng Shui: The position of the bed is very important, see how to set your bed

If your bedroom lead several doors, it is a situation that must immediately solve, so read more that can affect harmony in the home and your health in the opinion of the masters of Feng Shui.

According to Feng Shui bed position is immensely important. Among other things, because of what is often mentioned that a third of the life we spend sleeping. To determine which is the optimum position of the bed according to intuitive feng shui, it is best to stop at the front door of the bedroom and turn inwards. Be sure to choose which door to the room is big (in case it can enter through multiple doors). It is not rare in modern homes, but by no means good energy.

There are apartments in almost every room can be entered through two doors, many rooms have a door and at least one shared with another room. Who equivalent is tied to the health of residents in these areas? Confusion, confusion, rastresenost, strange symptoms of illness and inability to put a real diagnosis.

In other aspects of the life of the tenants of these apartments has fallen in total chaos. The mouths of these people is the eternal question: why is this happening to me? When it is not about tragic events, sometimes even comic, but such people ever encounter confused situations.

So, specify the entrance to the bedroom o stick to it. That another door, if any, and close the cover with a curtain, wardrobe, cupboard . Find a way to do it because it’s really no use to continue pushing hard on setting the bed in a favorable position. Best position that you can imagine a diagonal position relative to the door with a wall as close to the head, and if it is impossible, then the man who sleeps in the bed let a good view of the door while lying in bed. It would also be good to you out of bed with views to encompass the entire room.

Sleep closet or behind a screen, where no general view of the door, and see who enters and who leaves the room did not adopt healthy energy. It should also be avoided position directly opposite the door, which in China is called “position of the dead.” Such a position will not immediately lead to a deadly disease, but after years of sleeping in this position can cause serious health problems.

Also very bad to sleep so that the second panel will be behind the head. However the worst is to sleep in a bed which is in the midst room. It is a place where evenings are intertwined virtually all energies coming from different directions and it is very detrimental effect on sleep, and the condition of the whole organism.

If the focus of traditional Feng Shui (the study of the lucky direction which is good to take into account when positioning the bed. Happy direction can calculate very simple: collect the last two numbers in our year of birth and reduce this to a single digit number .

If it comes to a woman’s face on that number and add 5 again boiled down to a single number if necessary. Let’s say if you were born in 1975, collect 7 and 5, and you get 12. Then collect 1 and 2, and behold digit number 3. He add 5, and get 8 will help them determine the direction of their happy bed.

If it is a male, ednocifreniot number obtained by summing the last two numbers of the year of birth taken away 10. If you were born in 1988, collect 8 and 8, you get 16. Then collect 1 and 6, and will receive 7. Then you ozdemate that number by 10 and you get 3, whereby you specify the lucky direction of your bed.

Eastern group’s numbers: 1, 3, 4 i 9th

Unit happiest direction is south
Three of the happiest direction is southeast
For Four-east
For the nine-north.
Western group numbers 2, 5, 6, 7, 8

To couple the happiest direction is northwest
For Five: Women-west, men-southwest
For the six happiest sleeping direction is southwest
When it comes to harmonizing our bed with a happy direction for sleep it is very important to clear meaning direction?

If it comes to the northern direction happy sleep, it does not mean that the head should be facing north. That means one asleep flow should be facing north while lying in bed and looking north. Top of the head and the pillow under it in this case are found in the south. It means to be happy facing direction.

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