Indian Horoscope – Find out your sign and discover something new about you

Indian Horoscope – Find out your sign and discover something new about you

In the past, the Indians believed that there was a connection between nature, animals and humans. They believed that God spoke to them through the animals and that they were their brothers and sisters. This belief is the basis for the creation of Indian astrology. In many segments, the Indian horoscope is similar to the ordinary horoscope, but the difference is that its characters are connected exclusively with animals and their role in nature.

Indian astrology is based on the date of birth, which determines which animal (totem) is your representative. The totem can say a lot about your character, your behavior, your abilities, etc.

If you know your totem at birth, you will be able to learn more about you, you will understand why you look at things in a certain way, you will learn what your strengths are and you can use them to “cover” your weaknesses.

Goose 22.12-19.01

If you are born in this sign, you have inner wisdom and ambitious steps towards achieving your goals. Guska’s birthmarks most often succeed in life, but according to them, every success comes only with hard work. Their biggest weakness is that they are too big idealists, and it often complicates their life.

As the geese want to be free, so do you love freedom, so you are striving to accomplish your goals, not allowing others to hinder you from doing so.

Your exterior shows a cool character, like quartz, so you are often restrained and cool in your relationships with your loved ones. You want people around you, but you are afraid to open in front of them because you are too sensitive and can easily hurt you. You are often irreparable malevolent and if someone offends you, you never forget.

The Indians used the birch bark to write messages on it, which then surrendered from knee to knee. From there comes your deep connection with traditions and family customs. Your traditional character very hard accepts the changes and often opposes everything that’s new.

It’s very difficult to fall in love at first sight, above all because of your fear of not being hurt. Usually, you enter into an affair with people you know for a long time, but once you have confidence in a person, you know how to want with your whole heart and you are loyal partners. Once you have formed a family, you have great expectations and demands from your children and, most often, they are very disciplined.

Male representatives of this sign are tireless lovers, while the females are very gentle and emotional.

Color: white

Mineral: Quartz

Plant: birch

They are most suited to: beaver, woodpecker, brown bear and snake.

Otter 20.01-18.02

Oblique is an animal that passes time in eating, sleeping, sunbathing and playing. Analogously, the births in this sign are cheerful and unpredictable individuals who want to play with ideas and words.

If your sign is Otter, then you are extremely intelligent, clever, and you have even developed such a strong intuition that you know how to “read” people. Your character does not allow you to be malevolent and very easily forget the bad things that you have done. You want to try everything yourself, but not because it is very important to know what you will gain, but because you want that knowledge to be gained through your own experience. However, you should realize that your knowledge is in vain if you do not share it with others, and that’s one of the things that IE does not want to do.

Your plant is an aberrant, and it gives your character elasticity and sensitivity. You hate gossip and prejudice and you are often proponents of equality among people.

Just like silver, you are precious to those who know you, because you are wonderful friends and with great pleasure you help your loved ones. Sometimes it’s very difficult for you to show your emotions, because you prefer the intellectual pre-sentimental.

When it comes to love, you prefer the hot-cold principle. You can talk for hours and flirt with representatives of the opposite sex, and then suddenly act as if nothing had happened. It’s because of your love for the games. But once you get in love, you turn into wonderful partners. It’s important for you to know that your partner wants you the way you are.

After you create a family, you give your whole love to your children, with whom you are deeply and emotionally connected.

Color: silver

Mineral: silver

Plant: an aspen

They mostly answer with: deer, falcon, raven.

Wolf 19.02-20.03
Just like the wolf, you want to have your own territory and allow it to enter only people you trust. You are a closed and mystical person. It’s very hard to open up to people and most often your feelings remain unspoken. The people born in this sign are artists with a mysterious accent that loves beauty, whether it is beauty in nature, music or painting.
If you are born in the Wolf sign, despite your external restraint, you are inwardly very vulnerable and easily vulnerable. If someone proves that he respects you, you become good-natured associates, full of tolerance. You have the ability to return energy to people when they are exhausted, so they often come to you. A characteristic profession that can be dealt with by representatives of this sign is psychology.
Your plant is a treadmill, whose roots penetrate deeply into the ground and show that you need a firm foundation to rise high in society.
You more than any other sign you need people who will understand you, will evaluate your value and point you to it. In a love affair, you are very romantic and you always give your heart full. You do not want the temporary adventures and you are always looking for an ideal partner. Once you find it, you give it up completely.
Women’s representatives of this sign are feminine and easy to adapt. They love the sweet kisses and the sweet words of their partners. Men are full of tenderness and respect for their partners. Representatives of the sign Wolf are happy only when their partners are happy.
Color: Blue-green
Mineral: turquoise
Plant: a tiger
They mostly correspond with: goose, dybar, woodpecker, snake and brown bear

Falcon 21.03-19.04
The births in this sign possess great physical, mental and emotional energy. Just like a falcon hunter, you are constantly looking for new study areas. Do not be afraid of the new and constantly catch new ideas and experiences. Because of this, you often leave unfinished old things started.
It is your job to survive even in the most difficult conditions, but a long tongue often creates inconveniences. You are born leaders and want to impose your opinion, but if something does not happen as you have imagined, you react like small children. You go deep into things and want to learn through your own experience. This is very troublesome for you, because you never see the problems superficially.
Just like the falcon, you do not want to be bound to anything. You just want your freedom. Your aspiration to independence can be seen from the earliest years.
The element that characterizes your personality is fire and you often waste your energy until just a few fries remain from the fire. And to recharge the “batteries” and fuel the fire, your mineral is opal. Opal is a stone that connects to heat, but you risk and give that heat to the people around you. you are people who do not have prejudices and openly accept other people.
You have a wonderful character, but it changes when you enter into an affair. Then you become jealous and possessive individuals, who must always have the main word. As falcons hunt fast, so is your sex life – you do not want a long foreplay and a lot of tenderness, but you immediately switch to the “main”.
When you create a family, you become great enthusiasts, but your fault is that you lack patience.
Color: yellow, green
Mineral: Opal
Plant: dandelion
They are most suited to: deer, salmon, ravens, owls and otters.

Beaver, April 20-20-20
Like the beavers, you also want peace and security and are successful in your work. You are very cautious and do not want to overwhelm others with your problems. On the contrary, you are constantly trying to improve the conditions in the environment in which you live, but not from selfishness, but because of your desire to help others.
You have great intelligence and versatility. Because of your gift, you can easily handle all the tasks. Just like the beaver who is constantly working, so are you tireless in your work and your associates can always count on you. You are very creative, and with your patience you solve even those problems from which all others have already raised their hands.
You love the material things, and especially those who make you feel more secure. You want to have a lot of money, but that’s above all to prove how much harm is. Only when you prove to yourself that these two things have nothing to do will you learn to enjoy life and become more flexible.
The male representatives of the beaver sign are the persons in whose company each woman would like to be. They are great charmers with incredible sense of humor. The woman born in the sign beaver is feminine and allows her to be just the right man, who according to her should be a simple and adventurous. The births in this sign tend to dominate the love affair and sometimes even become strenuous.
Your strong characteristic is the patriarchal spirit. You consider marriage as something sacred and you expect your partner to be with you and only with you forever. It comes from your need for security.
You are very good parents. When women born in this sign become parents, most often devote their love to children and move away from their partners.
Color: blue
Mineral: hematite
Plant: clover
They are most suited to: Goose, Brown Bear, Snake, Wolf and Knocker.

Deer 21.05-20.06
If you are born in this sign then your basic characteristic is elegance and you need to be surrounded by beauty. Like a deer, you also have incredible intuition and quick reaction. You are able to instantly assess the people around you and penetrate deep into their soul.
You know how to be good friends, but under one condition – you do not get bored too. Because you are very talkative and you are in contact with all kinds of people, you often have many acquaintances. You have a sense of humor, but it sometimes turns into sarcastic, unpleasant and intolerant behavior.
You are gifted with many abilities and you probably have several occupations. Often you are trying all your abilities to align with one another, but it always seems to be an impossible task. Most often you end up overloading at the same time with many tasks and you are exhausting yourself.
You want the changes and there is a constant desire for change in you. You are trying to change everything that will come at hand, but the good side is that you realize that all changes should begin with you, i.e. you need to change yourself first, then change the others.
An innate characteristic of male Eleni is compassion, which often turns into flirting and infidelity. They can not be trusted very much, because they are never satisfied with a single sentimental connection. Also, they talk so seducing that women believe in everything they say. Female Elenas can mislead every man they want with their attraction and sense of humor. Both sexes love long foreplay and are very creative in bed.
Representatives of this sign have one weakness – the children. Their love for them is huge.
Color: green, white
Mineral: Ahat
Plant: ayduk grass
They mostly correspond with: otter, falcon, ravine, salmon and owl.

Knockouter 21.06-21.07
If you were born in the sign of a keyguard, you are constantly looking for new friends. You want to create a pleasant “nest”, but you will be happy only if you share with the people you like. For you, guests are always welcome.
You are known as personalities who are protective-minded, with a strong maternal instinct. Sometimes you even exaggerate with caring and kindness when it comes to people you think about. Your life is completely dedicated to the family, and you are especially pleased when you are engaged in various social and humanitarian actions.
You love the money, but you put them all in the home and family. You are faithful and marriage is something sacred for you. You do not care about other people’s lives because you are fully committed to your loved ones. As a woodpecker, so you know how to be good parents, but sometimes it is difficult for you to allow your children to leave the “nest”.
Because of your constant concern for the loved ones and because of your attempts to constantly protect them, you often forget your other obligations. You need to understand that you can not control the fate of others. You must allow things to take place in a normal way and you must stop taking responsibility for everything.
Your mineral is Carneola, which is most commonly associated with blood, so it is important for the born in this sign that everything from the heart is important.
The births in the sign of the Knight Rider are mysterious individuals who can keep silent for hours. Also, they are gentle, and even men are more emotional than body pleasure. If you are in love with a person of this sign, you have to be very patient, because it is very difficult to overcome the reticence and silence of the woodpecker.
Color: pink
Mineral: roses quartz
Plant: bar
They mostly correspond with: Brown bear,Beaver, Goose, Wolf and Snake.

Salmon 22.07-21.08
If your mark is Salmon, you are witty, brave and strong, and you never forget anything. You have huge energy and with your self-esteem and enthusiasm you can easily motivate people around you. Possess leadership skills and have a huge impact on others.
You love to invent stories and because of that, others see you as a fun person. You want to be “major” and always be your own. If something does not happen as you have been told, there is a fear in you that you will not react mature enough in the situation.
You must learn to control, because sometimes you are arrogant despite your good soul. This will help your mineral, red carnel, which you must always carry with you. With his help you will develop self-control ability.
You are generous and cordial. With your great sensitivity and with the advice you give, you easily conquer the hearts of people. However, it is difficult to open up before others and hardly express your feelings. You need to know someone very long before you open in front of him. It’s also very hard for people around you to get under your skin, so you rarely suffer.
You are from those people who hate the limits set by their parents.
Love and sex greatly influence your mood. You want sex and you can enjoy it all night, without feeling tired. And in your relationship with your partner, you try to have a dominant role. Men of salmon will never choose a partner who has a better career or who makes more money from them. The salmon women again possess proven seduction and can win any man. But for the overly sensitive men they are not the right choice.
Color: red
Mineral: red carnel
Plant: Raspberry
They mostly answer with: deer, falcon, owl and Gavin.

Brown Bear 22.08-21.09
If you are born in this sign, you are brave, durable, you know how to control and therefore very easily achieve your goals. Slowly accept new things, but that’s why you always end your old obligations before accepting a new assignment.
You are always grounded and autonomous. You have the ability to solve even the most difficult problems. Although you are great dreamers, you know how to take responsibility and always fulfill your obligations on time. Your ambitions give you faith in your abilities, which you skillfully use in fulfilling your obligations.
You want to disassemble things, then try to fold them back and bring them in an ideal state. In front of you, no object is safe because you want to learn how things work and how they can best be used through your own experience.
When you encounter something unknown, you usually retreat from fear. In order to disappear these feelings can help topaz, who has great power and reduces tension and fear.
In love, you are not exactly the ideal partner, because you are a cold and withdrawn person. You need to spend a very long time with your partner before you begin to trust him. But after falling in love, you turn into a sincere, loyal and committed partner.
You are too restrained in the bedroom, but you are always gentle and look out for your partner’s feelings. When you want, you want with your whole heart. You are true and expect the same from your partner.
You are wonderful friends and spouses and protect the people around you. You worship your children, although sometimes you are stricter than you really are. Often you give the impression of a cold person, but in fact you have a very gentle soul.
Color: purple
Mineral: topaz
Plant: a lover
They are most suited with: Goose, Wolf, Knocker, Beaver and Snake.

Raven 22.09-22.10
If you were born in this sign, then you are a cheerful and cheerful person who loves your loved ones. Your biggest drawback is your indecision. Often, because of a small thing, you can not see the big ones, and that makes it difficult for you to make a decision. Most often, your indecision ends with a withdrawal, so you leave others to decide for you.
You are people who believe in friendship. You know how to listen to others and to sympathize with them. Often you make promises, but you also fulfill them. Because of this, people around you respect you and appreciate you.
Your mood often changes, so one day you can be aggressive, and the next day you are the world’s richest person. If people around you are full of positive energy, and you receive it. But if people around you are not moody or do not pay enough attention, you can easily get into depression.
The hate is a quarrel, but at the same time you challenge your variable mood. Your mineral, azure, can help you defeat your variability. It should be worn either on the ring of the right hand or on a necklace.
In the love affair you are romantics to the point that even the smallest flirt comes from your heart. Because of this, you are easily disappointed and often suffer from love pains. But that does not prevent you from looking for ideal love. The men of Havani know women’s weak points and they only say the things they want to hear. Women born in the sign of Gavran are so seductive that men cling to their knees in front of them.
You are good parents and give your children the whole love of the world.
Color: brown
Mineral: azurite
Plant: ivy
They mostly correspond with: otter, falcon, deer, owl and salmon.

Snake 23.10-22.11
If you are born in this sign, you are extremely intelligent and full of innovative ideas. As the snake changes your skin, you also need to learn to change your old habits in order to be ready for new beginnings. Thus you will achieve your goal – spiritual growth in harmony with nature.
Often you are a puzzle for the people around you, because you are mysterious, mystical and unpredictable. You are from those individuals who keep their deepest feelings for themselves. Whether it’s work problems or love problems, you want to decide everything in your own way. However, when it comes to other people’s problems, you want to know them in detail.
Often, you miss good opportunities because you show your teeth to anyone who touches you. You are hard to adapt and would do everything to get you into a situation that is not desirable for you. But you always have a clear goal in front of you and decisively step towards it. You have a research spirit that is always focused on some insufficiently known or still undiscovered areas.
Your mineral, amethyst, is a symbol of righteousness, so you have the ability to accurately judge situations and people and make fair decisions. But sometimes you are too big idealists.
Members of this sign usually have cool behavior and should spend some time before getting out of their withdrawal. Female Snakes are more arrogant, while men are more accessible and more respectful. Only when they feel they are loved Snakes reject their reservations and turn into wild and passionate figures. The happiness of their partner is in the first place.
They often ask their children to become independent before being able to do so, and then they are made not to notice them, and in fact often control them.
Color: green
Mineral: amethyst
Plant: Donkey thistle
They mostly correspond with: goose, dill, woodpecker and brown bear.

Owl 23.11-21.12
If you were born in this sign, and you, as an owl, have a sharp glance that records all the details. It gives you the ability to quickly understand why things are going in a certain way. You have very good memory and easily remember everything you read or hear. You know how to transfer your knowledge to others and you are excellent teachers.
Your intuition is so good that you often manage to predict the future, and your precision helps you a lot in achieving workplace success. Strive to achieve your goals. You want to explore in every area, but you never fully devote yourself to one. You must learn to always aim at achieving only one goal, because the Indians were not the best one to shoot the most arrows, but the one who will concentrate on the goal and then hit it.
You are born adventurers. You want nature, independence and risk. You always say what you think and do what you want, so you often fall into unpleasant situations.
Your mineral, the opsian, is a very solid and sturdy stone, so you also know how to be very harsh when they insult you. It’s very hard for someone to have an impact on you, because you want yourself to succeed and achieve the goals that you consider important.
You are one of the most capable conquerors. Both the men and women born in the oak sign always know what to say and have a great sense of humor. In bed are incredible – passionate and always ready to experiment. The word marriage is a word that hates him and who is most afraid of him. The commitment to a person is contrary to their nature to be independent, and therefore often lose even those partners who mean it.
If you are born in this sign, you are particularly curious, but sometimes you know how to be very silent and reserved when it comes to your feelings. You often push your friends away because you feel that you need to be independent. You also expect the same from your children – when you think they are old enough, you are asking them to begin to become independent.
Color: black, gold
Mineral: opsedian
Plant: spruce
They mostly answer with: falcon, salmon, otter, ravens and deer.

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