Keep coins, their price grows galloping

Keep coins, their price grows galloping

Two coins issued by the Federal Reserve with a nominal value lower than the dollar due to their unusual auction have sold for a staggering half a million dollars. Of course, these are not common coins, but for rare coins, which is why they have a high collector value.

One coin was minted in 1792 and is known as Bersch coin because of the rest of the engraving of its blacksmith. The owner who has long been in his possession was not aware of her potential value, so she sold it for only $ 75 and missed a chance to get rich.

The second coin is with the image of President Abraham Lincoln and dates back to 1943. She is not so old, but is special because she is minted in the wrong metal. During the Second World War in the United States, it was forbidden to use certain metals solely for the army, so the coin instead of zinc is minted in bronze.

Therefore, if you have old coins, especially from the times of Yugoslavia, or if you are older, check that they have some specificity that would be of significance to the collectors, so you may sell it for good money.

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