lose weight while you sleep

Strange, but true. We present four ways to help you reduce weight while sleeping.

late training

Forget the morning training in the gym. The best time to exercise is after work. By working together in the gym and your metabolism can accelerate to 15 hours, according to the journal International Journal of Sport Nutrition. Is not it bad to exercise and at night before bedtime. Late training will accelerate fat burning while you sleep and you will sleep longer obtain solid.

Cold shower

Cold shower not only frees lactic acid after exercise, but according to a research journal PloS ONE, 30 seconds cold water activate your body and accelerates fat burning. When the body is activated can burn an extra 400 calories while sleeping.

Green tea

Flavonoids contained green tea speeds up your metabolism, so if today you drank 3 cups will burn about 3.5% more calories at night while you sleep, and this information is according to research journal American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. And do not worry about the caffeine in green tea, it will help you sleep easier.


Research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, found that missed sleep 16 minutes a day is a cause of obesity. With the increase of sleep decreases ghrelin, an enzyme that stimulates appetite and increases leptin, which helps to control appetite.

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