Merkel: The first phase of the pandemic is over, but we must be careful

Merkel: The first phase of the pandemic is over, but we must be careful!

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said the first phase of the coronavirus pandemic is over but warned that the fight against the virus could continue for a long time.

“Germany has left the first phase of the pandemic behind. But before long, it is a long phase of facing the virus,” Merkel said after a video meeting with the prime ministers of the federal states.
“We can afford a little bit of courage, but we still have to be careful,” she added.


Merkel added that the country had achieved its goal of slowing the spread of the virus, but the social distance measures would remain in place until June 5.

Germany will gradually lift some restrictions imposed as part of the fight against the coronavirus epidemic in the coming weeks, with the provinces themselves deciding the speed and extent of the lifting, Chancellor Angela Merkel said.

In the future, visits to nursing homes and those with disabilities will be allowed. It is permissible to open all shops in accordance with the rules of hygiene, such as wearing masks. The decision to open restaurants, hotels, and other places for catering or entertainment, such as bars and discos and swimming pools, has been left to the federal states, with some announcing a gradual opening in some segments.

Exceptions will be mass gatherings that are banned until the end of August, as well as open-air concerts or folk celebrations.

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