Mumbai closes alcohol stores due to overcrowding

Mumbai closes alcohol stores due to overcrowding.

Indian authorities have decided to close alcohol stores at Mumbai Financial Center, which has been hit hardest by a coronavirus pandemic after police found it extremely difficult to control increased congestion in shops in the past two days.

Authorities say only markets and pharmacies will be allowed to operate in Mumbai, where the battle for coronavirus infection is on the rise.

There are currently nearly 10,000 positive and 387 deaths in Mumbai. On average, there are more than 400 cases per day.

When part of the ban was lifted on Monday, thousands of people showed up at alcohol stores across the country without following social distance instructions. This has prompted authorities to close many of the alcohol stores.

Authorities in India on Tuesday introduced a special 70 percent tax on alcohol purchases to ward off huge queues at stores. The new tax is called a special corona tax.

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