This ointment still called “death for hemorrhoids”: Apply this ointment and forget about your plight

This ointment still called “death for hemorrhoids”: Apply this ointment and forget about your plight аnd unpleasant and intensifying medical examinations!

The occurrence of hemorrhoids is one of the most common diseases in humans and tends to recur. Hemorrhoids are dilated and inflamed blood vessels in and around the anus and lower rectum. It is assumed that more than half of the population will face this unpleasant problem until its 50th year of life. They are manifested both in males and females alike.

The occurrence is more common over the age of 50, because the connective tissue of the blood vessels in the rectum and anal opening over the years ages and loses its elasticity. Hemorrhoids are common during pregnancy, but this is not associated with loss of elasticity of the blood vessels.

The unpleasant feeling in the anus area, which includes pain, strong tingling, itching and bleeding, signals the presence of hemorrhoids, which should not be ignored.

Fortunately, there are treatments that can relieve symptoms and completely cure hemorrhoids.

How does hemorrhoids emerge?

Blood vessels around the anal opening have the ability to expand at increased pressure, which can lead to their swelling, ie swelling.

The enlarged swollen vessels develop under the influence of this increased pressure in the lower rectum. This increased pressure may be due to:

Strong strain during bowel discharge, ie defaecation;
Chronic diarrhea or constipation;
Pregnancy. In advanced pregnancy, the size of the uterus and the baby create pressure on the veins;
An improper diet that includes a very small amount of fiber or a lot of spicy foods;
Anal sex;
Long sitting. People who are less physically active and spend a large part of the day in a sitting position, are more likely to face this disease.

Hemorrhoids may be internal (located in the inner part of the rectum, or the final part of the colon) or external (which may develop under the skin around the opening of the anal opening).
How to recognize hemorrhoids?

The main symptoms are:

Painless pain in bowel discharge (defecation). You may notice a small amount of light red blood on toilet paper;
Irritation, itching or unpleasant tingling in the anal area;
Pain and an unpleasant feeling;
Swelling around the anus;
An outbreak close to the anus, which, when touched, can cause pain and an unpleasant feeling;
Uncontrolled leakage of a small amount of faeces.

You may have ever noticed some of these symptoms, but you did not know that there was a presence of hemorrhoids. Common symptoms of hemorrhoids vary depending on their location.

Internal hemorrhoids that appear in the inner part of the rectum can not be felt, nor seen, and most often do not cause discomfort.

In the external hemorrhoids, the symptoms and pain are more pronounced. Bleeding, itching and appearance of subcutaneous blue crenas resembling pillows, accompanied by swelling and acute pain, are symptoms and signs characteristic of external hemorrhoids.


In rare cases, haemorrhoids may be the cause of anemia. Chronic, or continuous loss of blood due to the presence of hemorrhoids, may weaken blood and result in a reduction in the number of red cells. Anemia is manifested by weakness, malaise, fatigue, exhaustion.

The second more serious complication that can be caused by hemorrhoids is gangrene. If blood supply to internal hemorrhoids is disabled, the haemorrhoid can be suppressed or shrinked, which further causes extreme pain and leads to extinction (necrosis) of the tissue, or gangrene.

Here’s how to prepare the lace which is the cheapest, easiest to prepare, and the safest rescue of your problems that you do not want to talk to a lot.

For the preparation of this natural remedy you need only one egg (because you need egg yolk) 400 milliliters of olive oil and 600 grams of beet wax.

Place in the cooking pot of heat the oil and melt a piece of wax in a low heat. After boiling, add the egg yolk. Once foam is started, remove the cooking pot from the fire.
After the mixture has cooled down, refit the cooking hob again to the fire and stir constantly until the mixture gets dark brown. After cooling, mix the mixture with cotton gauze. Or the prepared beverage is placed in a glass bowl and well closed. The refrigerator can be stored for a maximum of 10 months.

Apply a thin layer every day. The results will be surprising.


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