Papaya, sheep and goat in Tanzania positive for corona virus

Papaya, sheep, and goat in Tanzania positive for coronavirus


In a laboratory in Tanzania, testing for papaya, sheep, and goat showed the presence of coronavirus. This is followed by a check and investigation into doubts about the quality of the tests.

The director of Tanzania’s National Health Laboratory and its quality manager have been suspended for further investigation. All this because the President of the country, John Magufuli, doubted the reliability of the corona tests, so he previously ordered – instead of people, to secretly take and submit samples of animals and plants.

President Magufuli later revealed his “secret operation” in a live TV broadcast.

The health ministry has set up a committee of 10 people to “investigate the behavior” at the lab. The check and the results would be ready by May 13.

As of last week, 480 cases of coronavirus had been confirmed in the country, including 167 recovered and 16 dead.

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