Secrets of good sex for which no one speaks

This list is made by experienced sex therapists!

1. Good sex is planned sex
Spontaneity is one of the important things in life. Repeatedly emphasized the importance of the spontaneous moment, even when talking about sex, it is likely that everyone thinks it best that it happens without a plan.
Even everyday tasks that are otherwise not paying attention, such as makeup, hair crackdown may clam small erotic rituals.Dressing sexy underwear not to mention. For the moment when we know that there will be sex, foreplay has already begun, and with it the excitement has increased – before and during intercourse.

2. A good sex always happens “very”
On the other hand, if something we have in abundance, even if it is the best thing, then we lose the idea of ​​exclusivity. Once going into this, then we risk entering into a routine, think again, because sex is an exception – the frequency may increase desire.
When you are sexually deprived, every relationship is like you are hungry for dinner. You focus on the nuances of taste, refinement serves treats? Hardly ,  law of gastronomy comes into force where hunger ceases.
Next, in bed frequency encourages us to experiment in finding sexual identity.


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