Seven days she was washing her face and hair with vodka – now she can not recognize herself

Seven days she was washing her face and hair with vodka – now she can not recognize herself

“My skin and hair probably never been worse than now. Daily exaggerating makeup to hide imperfections on my face and my hair are constantly say. So I decided one week to use vodka to maintain hair and skin the face, “the girl complained after she tested vodka.

When she heard about all the benefits that you can have the use of vodka to wash face and hair, this girl has decided to test the claims.

Supposedly vodka has a number of advantages though it can cause drunkenness.


Mix equal vodka and water and mix using a cotton apply it on the face. The moment vodka touched my face felt like my skin tightens and cooled.

After a week of this routine, my skin was no longer so slick, but otherwise, I have very oily skin. So this is the perfect solution for all those who have oily skin – but this treatment is not recommended for women’s  with dry skin.


Suffice it to your shampoo to spill a shot of vodka. In this way, you will remove all impurities from the hair and make it shiny.

I initially feared that vodka would dry my scalp as I made it to my face, but done wrong. Not only did my hair shinier, but my friends told me that my silky.

My hair has always been dry, especially after blanching. The fact that others seem silky amazed me. Even during the rainy and humid days, my hair looked perfect.

Removing dandruff

In a glass of vodka three add rosemary twigs and leave the mixture overnight. The next day drains fluid and massages it on the scalp. Let’s leave it for half an hour and then wash your head with cold water.

Only after one treatment dandruff nearly disappeared. Week experiment with vodka and I can say that the results achieved are fantastic. I can not recognize.




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