Seven skin problems that you can handle with tomatoes

Seven skin problems that you can handle with tomatoes

It is known that tomatoes are very useful vegetables. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, so we put them in the line of the healthiest vegetables, and there is a great taste, so we are happy to see them at their table. But fathers can and how to help when it comes to beauty and care. Here’s how:

1. A healthy facial mask
Scrub a tomato and one avocado, mix them and put them on the face. Allow them to work for about 20 minutes, then wash with water.

2. Patch tightening
Take a tablespoon of fresh nib of juice and three drops of lime juice. Mix, then with the help of cotton, clean the face with this mixture. Sprain after ten minutes.

3. It relieves acne and scarring
Scoop a tomato, apply it to the problem area and leave for 30 minutes. After treatment, wash yourself. Do this continuously for two weeks.

4. Get rid of oily skin
In the same way as you solve the problem with acne. In tomatoes there are vitamin C and A that work well on the skin. After treatment, apply a moisturizing cream.

5. For burns
When you burn in the sun the next summer, mix the dishes with a yoke and put the mixture on the damaged parts of the skin. You will be better off immediately.

6. For glittering skin
Mix the juice from the dishes with a little honey, and wipe the face with the resulting mixture. Let it work for a minute, and then drink it.

7. For dry skin
Tomatoes help those with dry hair, as well as those who cut the skin on the head. After washing your hair with shampoo, slip the juice from the vegetables to the hair and the subject. Goodly rub and let it work for about five minutes. Then wash it with cold water.

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