Signs that allergy is out of control

Signs that allergy is out of control

Often changes the body as a result of an allergic reaction neglect or rewrite another state. Congestion is not always a symptom of a cold, but it can be a sign of untreated allergy. Read the signs that give a signal that the allergic reaction is out of control.

Dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles under the eyes and watery eyes are another sign that you have an allergy. Dark circles occur due to prolonged itching of the eyes. Symptoms such as itching, sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes can be controlled by means of histaminic. If you already receive treatment and not see any improvement and withdrawal symptoms, talk to your doctor.

Chronically stuffy nose
Congestion that occurs when you have a cold or painful usually lasts one to two weeks. If symptoms do not go and persistent, then it is possible to work for an allergic reaction. During an allergic reaction to the lining of the nose and notice secretes larger amounts of mucus. This can cause pressure on the sinus and the occurrence of head pain. Drugs to reduce clogged nose will help alleviate the symptoms for a while. For proper treatment of symptoms visit an allergist.

Playing chest often associated with asthma, but it can be a sign of a severe allergic reaction. The characteristic whistle breast happens as a result of the passage of air through narrowed airways. Often this situation requires an immediate response. If you have such symptoms, tell your doctor.

Itchy skin
Itching of the skin most often occurs if you have dry skin. But if the itching Taree a while and if accompanied by redness/eczema then it is possible that this will be another sign of an allergic reaction. The culprit for this reaction skin may be a soap, detergent, contact with animals, and so on.

Problems with concentration
Itching, congestion and irritable skin can be a cause of reduced concentration. If you notice that you can focus on a particular task, talk to your doctor about changing therapy.

Allergy can reduce energy. At, first the symptoms can disrupt sleep quality and also affect the immune system which can lead to fatigue. Wines of the feeling of fatigue may be the use of antihistamines. Talk to your doctor if fatigue lasts longer.

Certain research associate allergies with mood changes, especially emphasizing the link between seasonal allergies and depression.

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