Symptoms you should never ignore

Symptoms you should never ignore

Although the more common symptoms we feel daily do not have to worry about, there are some that we should not ignore. Donor Elvin Levin recently made a list of “everyday” symptoms and explained how they could be a sign of serious medical conditions.

Pain in the stomach

Although most often this pain is harmless, sudden pain in the abdomen is a sign that you should go to a doctor. Many things can cause this pain – constipation, cracking of the cyst in the ovary or damaged aorta.

Loss of breath without any reason

If you remain breathless, it may suggest a white dyspnea embolism. High probability of developing pulmonary embolism occurs if you are taking birth control pills, sitting for a long time, smoking cigarettes or flying. It can also be a sign of asthma, pneumonia or panic attacks.

Sudden headache

For many, headache is an everyday part of life, and its strength varies from plain to migraine. However, any sudden pain should be checked by a doctor. The reason for a sudden headache may be bleeding of the brain and then immediate hospitalization is needed.

Thirst that can not be satisfied

If you drink too much water during the day, then you must make an appointment. Polydipsia is one of the first symptoms of diabetes. When the blood sugar level is too high, the body exerts pressure on the kidneys to produce more urine to get rid of excess glucose, which leads to great thirst and frequent urination.

Pain in the shoulders, jaw, neck or back

These are the most common symptoms of a heart attack. In addition, it is usually combined with malaise, coughing and vomiting. This is a sign that you must call your doctor immediately.

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