Tests for Covid-19 if citizens travel to other countries will cost from 20 to 200 euros

Tests for Covid-19 if citizens travel to other countries will cost from 20 to 200 euros

Currently, only for some of the countries, we know what the price will be for the coronavirus test, but for starters, this is just a picture of those countries where citizens usually travel.

This year’s trip, if anyone decides to do the same, will seem unusual, but also expensive. First, insurance is unlikely to cover your treatment if you become infected with coronavirus in another country. Second, some states have already set a price for coronavirus tests.

Serbia – 50 euros

You will need a negative coronavirus test, not older than three days, to enter Serbia. Citizens traveling abroad will be able to take a coronavirus test in Serbia that will cost around 6,000 dinars or 50 euros.

Bosnia and Herzegovina – 100 euros

According to the local media, the test will require citizens to turn to the Institute for Public Drama. Testing alone costs about 100 euros. Citizens are outraged by this and claim that it is unclear to them how the price was reached.

Slovenia – 20 euros

The exact price of the coronavirus tests has not yet been determined, but estimates are that the test will cost no more than 20 euros.

Croatia – 200 euros

The local media write that the coronavirus test at the Institute of Public Health will cost 200 euros, but the Minister of Health previously said that such a test costs about 100 euros.

Austria – 190 euros

For now, it is known that the Vienna airport will offer coronavirus testing for passengers to be able to avoid quarantine for 14 days after returning to their country, and the tests will cost 190 euros.

Germany – 200 euros

According to the Robert Koch Institute, patients with flu symptoms will also be tested for coronavirus. The costs will be borne by the health insurance in Germany, but only if the test is recommended by a doctor.

Greece – 120 euros

The plan of the authorities there is to test the passengers in the countries from which they are returning, and then to head to Greece. Earlier, when the pandemic was gaining momentum, there were announcements that voluntary tests would cost between 120 and 300 euros.

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