Theresa May declared war on terror in UK

Theresa May declared war on terror in UK

Over a thousand British soldiers equipped with modern weapons, were deployed on the streets of London and other cities in the UK, as one of the measures the Government of Theresa May in the “war on terror” which it launched after the terrorist attack late on Monday evening in Manchester.

The army has been deployed in addition to the police, although we still do not know who and what will be the role of armed forces in the security situation which is marked as “critical”, meaning that Britain is in “imminent danger” of a new terrorist attack which could happen any moment.

Soldiers now guard the building of the British Parliament, Buckingham Royal Palace, 10 Downing Street, where the seat of government and official residence of British prime ministers, but misplaced and all important locations and places where a lot of people.

For security reasons, banned all visits to the Parliament building, suspended traditional shifts the Guardian before the royal palace at the center of London and canceled the “champions ‘parade’ of the players Chelsea through the streets of London and Manchester Junajterd after winning the European Cup.

The publication “war on terror” by declaring critical level of threat of terrorist attack is the third such case in recent history.

The first time it happened in 2006, when it was discovered a plot to overthrow the planned passenger aircraft on flights from Europe to the US and Canada.

The second case when the security situation was declared critical, was in the summer of 2007 during a bomb attack on Glasgow airport in after the day was thwarted terrorist attack in central London.

“War on terror” is a term that was created in the United States after the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 by then-President George Bush and Britain revitalized by Prime Minister Tony Blair before and after military intervention on Iraq that toppled the regime Saddam Hussein.

Mae then as Conservative MP with several colleagues, now its ministers strongly opposed to the term “war with terrorists,” claiming it was counterproductive and that only creates enemies of Britain, further undermining its The Security.

Media in London, now just Mae launched its “war on terror”, justifying it with “care about the safety of British”, as before her 14 years ago explaining and Blair.

Unlike then, Mae is now in the midst of the election campaign for elections on June 8, and the media analyzed else Prime Minister can do, once ordered the army to come to British streets.

One possibility is to declare a state of emergency, as did France after the terrorist attack of November 13, 2015 that killed 130 people.

But in the UK last state of emergency was declared back in 1973, by then Prime Minister Edward Heath.

In the year when Britain joined the EU, Heath declared martial law, not because of a terrorist threat, but because of the mass strike of miners blocked the country. Heath then urged the army to assist in maintaining security along with the police and to avoid the collapse of the country.

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