With this trick the phone’s battery will last twice as much

With this trick the phone’s battery will last twice as much

If the battery on your mobile phone is too fast for you, this simple trick can help you. When it comes to smartphones batteries, the following questions are important: Do you charge the phone too often? Do you leave it on a charger overnight, and do you do it in the right way?

It has been proven that charging the phone at short intervals can not damage the battery. It’s also true that the phone should only be charged when the battery is running low.

The most famous battery maker, “Kadex”, says the lithium-ion battery has its “level of stress” that can increase. Namely, if this level increases with too much charge, its lifespan will decrease, which will then be a problem for you.

Before you fully charge your battery, you need to hear the phone from a charger. Never leave to charge up to 100 percent. Nowhere is it stated that the batteries should be fully charged. On the contrary, the company warns that high voltage can lead to overloading the battery, which eventually results in a shorter durability of the battery.

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