Venezuela after the election : Maduro declared victory, the opposition protests, blood on the streets

Venezuela after the election : Maduro declared victory, the opposition protests, blood on the streets

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro declared a victory in the name of the revolution after the country’s voting during the protests, which killed 10 people. The violence that engulfed the country on Sunday, after President Maduro received an international condemnation at his own expense, he still scheduled and held elections for the new “Constitutional Assembly”. Authorities later reported “exceptional turnout”, of over eight million voters or 41.5% of eligible voters who came to polling stations. The president immediately announced the numbers as a victory in the election.

Speaking to thousands of supporters in the center of the capital, Caracas, Maduro said: “We have a constitutional assembly. This is the biggest vote in the 18-year history of the revolution,” referring to the date when his late mentor Hugo Chavez came to power. In the meantime, the opposition has promised to continue to protest even after the elections, which it described as an attempt to prescribe the constitution.

Ten people were killed yesterday during protests. Protesters attacked polling stations and barricades on the streets across the country. This made the forces of the order react very firmly so that military munitions were used in places.

The opposition is dissatisfied, because the new Constituent Assembly will dissolve the conquer controlled by it and will rewrite the country’s constitution. Elections for the new Constitutional Assembly were condemned by the United States, Mexico, Brazil, the EU, Canada, Argentina and Colombia.

Some countries even threatened to impose sanctions if voting takes place. Opposition leader Henrik Capriles urged Venezuelans to continue to oppose Maduro with new protests. According to him, the vote was forged. “We recognize this fake process,” he said.


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