(Video) New York police violently impose measures on social distance, beat people and overthrows on the ground

(Video) New York police violently impose measures on social distance, beat people, and overthrows on the ground.

Videos showing New York police officers forcibly carrying out emergency physical distances have surfaced online.

One video shows a police officer running after an African-American man and violently gossiping about him on the ground.

In another video, a police officer wearing a mask hits a man in the head on the street with no resistance.

Despite numerous appeals from New York police to withdraw from emergency-related tasks, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio disagrees.

“We will not withdraw the New York police. “I made my decision not only on the basis of a few individuals, poorly performed interventions but also on the basis of millions of well-performed interventions,” de Blasio said.

Ju Hyun Kang, director of the United Nations Association for Police Reform, said police used emergency surveillance to cover up abuses, unjustified use of force, and physical threat to New Yorkers.

Police Chief Dermot She said all reported cases would be investigated separately and that the beatings should not be treated as excessive use of force.

During the training at the Police Academy, it is learned that it is allowed to hit someone who does not obey the orders of the police officer, said She.

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