Even though we all know how bad for the health smoking is, a lot of people find it very difficult to quit this awful habit.

The thing that makes smokers keep smoking is nicotine, a highly addictive substance that makes the body crave for more of it. In other words, the more you smoke and take in nicotine, the more your body needs it.

When you are not taking nicotine, the body does not get what it needs, and you start feeling discomfort and you ‘die’ for a cigarette. This phase is the withdrawal one, so a lot of time is needed until you get used to living without smoking. After a week, the physical symptoms will stop, but the craving will bother you for quite a bit.

Have you decided to find a way to quit smoking, you will surely like to find out something more about Stevia.


As of late, a review was directed in Germany, and it was uncovered that Stevia can individuals stop smoking and stay away from liquor.

Stevia is a plant from the chrysanthemum family and it starts from Paraguay. This plant has been for quite some time utilized as a sweetener.

Stevia can obstruct the yearning signals that the cerebrum sends and hence discharge you from the desire for cigarettes.

On the off chance that you need to stop smoking, you ought to begin expending two or three drops of stevia, and it will do the trap for you. Each time you encounter a longing stroke, drop the stevia drops specifically on the tongue. This will give you a prompt impact and it will dispose of the longing.

You can discover stevia as powder or fluid. It can be found in the grocery stores and the stores for solid nourishment, and also in some heating products or sound sustenances passageways.

Individuals who experience the ill effects of hypertension and individuals who are overweight can likewise profit by stevia. It is likewise prescribed for diabetics. Be that as it may, the best thing about this plant is its wonderful capacity to murder the craving for nicotine. It is additionally very useful for the skin, as it sustains, smoothens, and fixes it, and along these lines, it is much of the time utilized as a face cover item. It has awesome impacts against skin inflammation too, and it is exceptionally proficient in battling dermatitis.



This enduring plant likes sun and warm temperatures, so it is no big surprise that it can’t make due in solidifying conditions. In any case, its root can make due in zones 9 and hotter, and to develop again in spring. This root can get by in zone 8 too, obviously, in the event that it is very much ensured.

It is prescribed that you plant stevia in 12-inch compartments. Additionally, before you plant it, ensure that you utilize gardening soil of high caliber. Ensure it is presented to direct daylight and water it when the surface of the dirt dries.


The stevia plant needs a space of 18 inches. The dirt you use for planting it should be free, loamy, and very much depleted, since this is precisely what this plant likes. It can achieve a tallness of 1-3 feet, contingent upon the developing season. Plant the stevia plant after the ice passes and ensure that you discover compost or Bonnie Herb and Vegetable Plant Food. Likewise, you have to ensure you adhere to the directions given on the mark. Amid the late spring, you are prescribed to utilize mulch with a specific end goal to keep your stevia from drying out. In the event that your stevia is planted in a pot, make sure that it gets a similar plant nourishment and mulch.


Keep in mind that stevia plant dislikes saturated soil. It is vital that it has great seepage, or the root will spoil. On the off chance that that your stevia plant is as yet withering despite the fact that it has been watered, its foundations are in all probability spoiled, or a few bugs are creating the issue.


The time when the stevia plant sprouts is fall, so you can trim off the blossoms. This will give the stevia a chance to develop new clears out.

Amid fall time, stevia has little white blooms, and it extends. This is the time when the great leaves of this plant are not various, so you would need to cut off the sprouts, so the plant will discharge more takes off.

The time when the leaves of this plant are the sweetest is pre-winter. It has the best taste before it begins sprouting.

When you cull the stevia abandons, you can dry them and accordingly utilize them for a more drawn out timeframe. It is prescribed that you remove the stems and expel the leaves and the delicate stems. The stevia leaves ought to then be scattered on inexactly woven texture or some other non-metal surface. The sufficient drying of the stevia leaves is outside, in the sun.

The way toward drying stevia leaves goes on for one day as it were. At that point, before they get to be dump, they ought to be gathered and put away in a compartment. You can likewise utilize a nourishment dehydrator. The dried stevia leaves ought to then be smashed with the hand or with a nourishment processor. The point is to make a powder out of them.

At last, put the stevia powder or the pulverized stevia leaves in impenetrable compartments. You won’t have the capacity to break down the stevia powder, however you will most likely sweeten your beverages and sustenance on account of it.

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