Of all the women she chose her – Hugh Hefner will rest next to Marilyn Monroe

Of all the women she chose her – Hugh Hefner will rest next to Marilyn Monroe

Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy, bought a burial site at Westwood Graveyard in 1992, for $ 75,000. He will be buried next to the film icon Marilyn Monroe, which flashed on the front page of the first issue of Playboy.

The founder of the Playboy Empire died of a natural death at age 91 in his villa in Los Angeles, where during the tumultuous life he visited the most beautiful blondes. Through his bed, according to an interview in 2013, more than 1,000 women went through, and only three were married. It is exactly his first wife, Mildred, cited as “culprit” for his promiscuous life. He was allowed to sleep with other women to wash away the sin he had inflicted on him and to save his marriage. But that did not make him happier, on the contrary, after Mildred who was black, he reacted exclusively to blond women. Women with black hair for him were gone! Thanks to Playboy’s success, he has become a millionaire, and his net worth at the time of death is estimated at more than 43 million dallars. Hefner was also a political activist and philanthropist, but also a veteran of the Second World War.

Hundreds of sumptuous Russians are in tears because of the death of Hugh Hefner, the man who had the life of what every man, the owner of the Empire Playboy, dreamed of, who, though surrounded by countless women, hid a great secret for decades. Hefner spent his life surrounded by many younger beauties who painted the cover of his store, and this was exactly what his last wife, Crystal, was doing.

He married three times, slept with more than 1,000 women, but never cheated on marriage!

The 91-year-old died in his villa in Los Angeles in Los Angeles, the founder of the Playboy Empire, Hugh Hefner, the man who said several years ago that while he was married he always had faith in his wives, and he was reimbursed when he was free . And to the question of how many women slept, he replied that he did not even know himself.

“How can I know at all? Over a thousand, I’m sure,” he said, adding, “When I’m married, I do not mam, but I compensate when I’m free. You have to hold your hands in your pocket.”
Hefner, although never alive, did not find his soul mate, however, has repeatedly stated that he is satisfied with his life. He married three times, the first time for Mildred Williams (1949-1959), then for Kimberly Conrad (1989-2010) and in 2012 he married Crystal Heris, who told a marriage with six-year-old Hugh Hugh: “Hugh’s marriage meant to me more certainty, that I am unique to him. In addition to all the women with whom he is constantly surrounded, I felt the need to somehow secure my position in his heart and life, I needed something after which I knew that I was the one right for him. we married. ” Crystal will not inherit any of his wealth because they have signed a premature deal that excludes Hugh’s will.

Before Crystal, the father of the Playboy had two women. Mildred Williams was his love from the student days that broke his heart when he was cheated while in the army. She had a great deal of conscience, and allowed him to take extramarital trips. Their marriage lasted for ten years and resulted in two children – Christie and David. In fact, for his tumultuous and promiscuous life, his first wife was considered to be responsible, which herself inspired his behavior for the sake of the guilt he felt.

Hefner and then 26-year-old student Mildred married in 1949, but before the wedding, she admitted that while in the army, she betrayed her and slept with another man. Mildred allowed him to sleep with other women guided by the idea that this would save their marriage. In 1959, they divorced, followed by a very tumultuous period for Hugh who at that time built his Playboy Empire and was constantly in the company of beautiful girls. It happened during the period when he experimented with sexuality, and one of his most famous girls was Barbie Benton. Hefner was 42 years old and Barbie Benton, whose name was Barbara Klein, was only 18. The name changed to him at his request, and her biggest contribution to Hefner’s legacy is actually helping find the famous Playboy’s villa in which Hef died. In the late ’70s, he was in a serious relationship with Sondra Theodore, a teacher who later became a senator. At the age of 56, he invited 19-year-old Carey Lady to live with him at the villa, where she remained for five years. The connection ended in turmoil, and Kerry even sued and claimed $ 35 million from him, but quickly changed and gave up the suit. In 1989, he married for the second time. Kimberly Conrad was Miss in January 1988. They married nine years and got two children – Marston and Cooper. Officially divorced only in 2010, after Hugh accused her of having betrayed him. He tried to divorce the strife in his own way – he began to live with the twins Christina and Carissa Shannon.
Hefner was born in 1926 in Chicago and graduated from the University of Illinois in 1949. He had a degree in Psychology of Art and Creative Writing. In 1953, with only $ 600 in his pocket, he founded Playboy magazine, which has grown into a multi-million dollar industry for years. As his wealth grows, Hefner’s legend becomes even more numerous than the numerous beauties he has won with ease and incredible charm, to his extravagant lifestyle filled with wealth and splendor. He grew up in a conservative family that lived very modestly, most of all with his brother Keith Hefner, equally educated with bans and punishments. As a child he was very shy and withdrawn, and because his parents were very strict of him and his brother demanded great discipline. Thanks to his mother who bought many books on sexual relations in high school days (at that time, Hefner first became interested in journalism and edited the school newspaper), Hugh studied the nice “lessons” and learned about the “theory of sex” .
Hef’s most famous thoughts

– Life is too short to live a strange dream.
– The driving force of civilization is not religion, it is sex.
– I could not even imagine a smarter life in my crazier dreams.

Interesting Facts About Playboy’s Father

– His brother Keith Hefner died after a long battle with the cancer at the age of 87, but heff, since he was born on that day, decided not to grieve, but to keep his pre-planned party. Hugo celebrated his 90th birthday in a few hours after Keith’s death.
– With his empire worth several tens of millions of dollars ruled even when he had to put on pajamas. And he did it in style – in silk pajamas and with a lavish cloak.
– After graduating from the department of creative writing and art, he wanted to hire himself as a cartoonist, but since he could not find a job, he began to write humorous texts for famous local newspapers.
– Playboy’s first release was launched in December 1953, and on the front page was Marilyn Monroe, photographed during his failed attempt to enter the world of acting. Hence, the first issue of the Playboy magazine cost 50 prizes, and there was neither a release date nor was it signed. The first issue was printed in 70,000 copies and sold out for 1 day, so it became an instant – sensation! From the sale, Hefner covered the debts and already earned a fortune for the next two or three numbers. The ice was broken, and Playboy soon became a symbol of the 50’s with a circulation of 4.5 million copies.

– After a stroke, he stops organizing parties and decides to live calmly, though alone. The full editorial office of the newspaper leaves him to his beloved brother, and management with his empire of the daughter born in the first marriage.
– Hugh Henner proved not only as an excellent manager of an empire called Playboy, but as a man with a tantalizing taste for the way he lived and the fact that the most beautiful women in the world came to him to photograph, hire, help them succeed …, he is also a man who, as he said on one occasion, only uses his life in the best possible way and without the attention of conscience.
– As early as 1992, I bought a tombstone at the famous Westwood Memorial Park for $ 75,000. According to his desire, he will be buried in the grave next to Monroe

Thousands of women crossed his bed

“I do not know exactly how many women I’ve been. I am sure that I have slept with over a thousand.” But when I was married I was never lying, I compensated when I was alone, said Hefner.
Through his luxurious villa, a bunch of beauties have passed, some of them have lived there, and many of them have gained worldwide glory. His most famous vocals are Shana Mokler, Jane Meinsfield, Shannon Tweed, Jenny McCarthy, Pamela Anderson, Ann Nicole Smith, Marilyn Monroe, Kelly Monaco, Betty Page …

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