What do women do when they plan to have sex?

What do women do when they plan to have sex?

Why is it important to read this?!

Recognizing these activities is very important especially for boyfriends, lovers, roommates and mostly for husbands; they know why

Women often want spontaneity, but for certain occasions, most often when preparing to be intimate with a new partner, they go through a process of preparation. Spontaneous sex happens less often than planned, so in these cases, women try to be fully prepared.

– Depilation: Women’s skin is not the same smooth every day of the month, so this is usually the first step in their preparation.

– Lacquering the nails on the legs: This is not all women, but many will pay attention to this detail.

– Sexy underwear: Nothing says it’s clear that she wants to sleep with you from a set of sexy lingerie.

– An outfit that will ignite passions: It’s no secret that when they want to mislead a man, women skillfully use their beauty and trump cards, and if she wants, she will show you what you might miss out on.

– Messages with the best friend: The advice from the woman she most trusts will never miss in this situation.

– Two glasses of wine: Before dinner with your partner, they often decide to have two glasses of wine, just to calm the nerves.

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