Wuhan tests: Blood plasma therapy cures patients in just three days

Wuhan tests: Blood plasma therapy cures patients in just three days.

Blood plasma therapy, which is approved for treatment in many countries around the world, involves receiving blood from people infected with the coronavirus, and the results of tests in Wuhan are promising, reports “Daily Star”.

According to the latest data, this therapy helps patients recover in just three days.

Plasma blood therapy involves receiving a dose of blood from people who have had coronavirus that contains antibodies that will help protect the immune system from the virus.
This therapy was first introduced a century ago during the Spanish flu pandemic and is already being used in China, Italy, and the United States.

Dr. Mike Ryan, head of the World Health Organization’s emergency room program, said plasma therapy was a very important area to look out for.

There is still not enough evidence to say how effective this is, but the results of testing in Wuhan are promising.

A pilot study in Wuhan found that in 10 patients who had severe coronavirus disease and received blood plasma, their condition improved significantly in less than 72 hours.

The functions of the liver and lungs were improved, as well as the level of oxygen in the blood, which is a sign that the body has successfully fought the virus.

Of those 10 patients, three were discharged from the hospital, and by the end of the study, the others had been discharged from the hospital.

For comparison, a control group of 10 patients in a similar condition did not receive therapy. Three patients died, six stabilized, and only one patient improved during the study.

Plasma blood therapy is the most cost-effective drug to date because it requires only the removal of blood from patients who have recovered.

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