You should know why is ( is not) good to allow your pet to sleep with you in your bed

Those who suffer from allergies certainly must not allow their pet to enter into their bedroom. But what about the rest?

Just like their owners, pets like to feel like someone close and warm, especially at night. Therefore it is not surprising that many people allow their furry friends, more precisely of their dogs and cats to sleep with them in bed.
If you are among those people still should be careful of certain things,while there are many positive aspects when you share your bed with your pet.

Learn why sleep with your dog or cat is good, and why not:

Reduced stress – stroking a pet lowers stress, or increased levels of the hormone oxytocin, which reduces stress and reduces the production of “culprit” for the occurrence of the stress hormone cortisol. Similar action has caressing and sleep with the favorite.

Sense of security – Animals have much stronger senses than humans, and that gives us a sense of security. They through their senses of hearing and smell can detect danger when you can easily see the changes in their behavior, we can make sure that your pet will warn of the danger.

Warmth and comfort – the fur friends can keep you warm during the cold winter nights, and pets will be warmer.

Connectivity – If you share a bed with your pet, deeper connection with the favorite and will strengthen your friendship. This connection can lead to the emergence of some habits associated with sleep your pet that will harmonize with your sleep habits. This means that the animal will sleep peacefully at night and you sleep peacefully too.

Interrupted sleep – dogs and cats have different sleep schedule than people, because they are quite restless sleeping partners. Often wake up earlier than men, especially cats that apply for nocturnal animals, so, for example, your pets furry four o’clock in the morning may be the perfect time for breakfast. The dog still middle of the night can start barking because of something that happens outside and chances and that way and keep you awake.

Dirty bed – Cats are known to be very clean animals, and dog if you live in an apartment should not have major problems with dirt, but it certainly keeps the paws after the walk, which then will certainly carry over into your bed. Cats again entering the box which he used as a toilet, and dirt can also remain in their hands. Therefore, the pets before sleep should rinse their paws with water and soap.

Difficult withdrawal – When a dog or cat gets used to sleep with you, very difficult for you to quitting the habit of sleep with you. Cats are especially resolute in its intentions, then slapped or scratching on the door until they let them enter the room where you are.

Possible allergies – If you have the mildest form of allergy of your furry pet, sharing the bed with him is not a good idea. Hair and peels off the skin, and possible allergens that the animal adopted from the external environment can cause itchy and sleepless night.

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